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Paul Sartori Young Volunteers

Client Brief

Paul Sartori Hospice at Home is a registered charity offering free specialised, supportive care and advice for those in the later stages of any life-limiting illness.

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As everywhere is seeing a large decrease in staff, one place being hit more severely than anywhere is charity shops. Paul Sartori has decided to target a new audience by adding a sister brand to their already 40 years established brand. Paul Sartori Young Volunteers (PSYV) is setting out to get younger people 16-25 to join, this will give them more opportunities when added to their CVs or used for the Duke of Edinburgh. 

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The main thing that needed to be achieved was to have a strong brand presence for PSYV as well as create some themes that their work can follow. This has been well received by the staff at Paul Sartori. They feel happy with moving forward with the branding and implementing it within their shops, social media and adverts located around Haverfordwest and Narberth.

The main focus was to create a brand identity, however, I also went on to create a range of print and social assets to encourage volunteers to become a part of this movement, while also designing a website template in Figma to show how their website could function if they were to implement one down the line.

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