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Better Things

Client Brief

Better Things is a small, independent charity that works to improve the lives of people with learning disabilities and/or autism in the Greater Manchester area.

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Better Things is a very small independent charity based in South Manchester that helps care for people with learning difficulties and gives them a place to build strong connections with similar people and feel comfortable.

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I was asked to revamp their brand and website completely as they felt it was outdated and wanted something that would help them stand out.

I wanted the branding to be fun and playful but not pandering to the audience, wanting to treat them like adults while still having a playful element. Other charities can sometimes feel a bit out of touch so I wanted to make sure that this doesn’t happen.

I’ve created a full brand for the charity as well as a website, social media assets and printed documents. This is to allow them to have as much coverage as possible. It was great working with this charity and meeting the people whose lives have been changed because of it and it was an amazing opportunity to help this charity in need.


I created the current branding they use on their website; however, this was the stronger brand identity in my professional opinion. The branding they chose can be seen at

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