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The North Face

Competition Brief

The North Face Sub-Zero makeup palette

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The North Face has a very diverse audience, breaking the mould between gender, race and anything in between. 

The North Face feel as if young adults between the ages of 15-21 are more social media involved, they already enjoy the outdoors but want to encourage them to fully embrace it.

As a way to encourage them to get to know TNF as a brand and their quality products. There will be a limited stock of make-up palettes called Sub-Zero and will feature unique colours to do with outdoor hiking.
These palettes will be sent to leading MUA’s to review and allow people to see this product even if they are unable to purchase one for themselves.

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This palette would be sold online through The North Face website as well as online and in-store for Morphe, Beauty Bay and Superdrug. This would maximise reach for the target audience. As well as this there would be social media and OOH campaigns for the palette, all the marketing would lean towards how TNF is trying to tap into the make-up world and even change their brand from outdoor wear to make-up to cause a stir.

The palette will have a range of colours all tying back to what TNF means the use of blues, whites and slate greys to create a mountainous feel as well as some complementary colours to create some striking looks. Each colour is named something to tie in with the theme of outdoor adventure, for example, Everest, Base Camp and Frostbite; in addition to this 4 of the 10 colours would be shimmers, allowing each person to try wild and wonderful looks.

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