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Saundersfoot Beach Company

Client Brief

Saundersfoot Beach is where I grew up and has been a great opportunity to help brand such an idyllic place and leave my mark on my home village.

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The Saundersfoot Beach committee contacted me wanting a brand for the main beach in Saundersfoot. They wanted something that would be recognisable and draw people's attention.

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After having a meeting with one member I had the idea to design something fresh for the area and go down the route of an abstract logo, taking inspiration from Cesar Manrique, an abstract artist from Lanzarote who mainly worked as a cubist artist (my favourite movement). Looking at similar logos from the area they are all very bland and lack character. When designing this brand I had in mind the idea of it on a bucket and spade. I wanted it to be a fun identity that could be enjoyed by any age group.

The logo is designed from the harbour as the sun rises which is where the bright orange comes from. I want the branding to feel somewhat European to make people feel like they've left the country. I am still working with the Saundersfoot Beach Company regarding banners and a full logo rollout as at the moment it has only been used for presentations and a sponsored run.

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