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Client Brief

Maltesers cinema takeover

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I was in contact with Mars to create a full-screen takeover as well as portrait content for Vue, Empire and Cineworld to promote Maltesers hanging bags, this was to increase sales and engagement for mainly Maltesers but later on in the year to create content for M&M's and Minstrels. They required a 10s and 30s variation depending on the time of day.

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When designing the takeover, I had to keep in mind that whatever content was made had to be adaptable, to go from 1 screen to covering 5 screens over retail. This is the first time I have worked on a full-scale retail takeover and was a great experience working with a company of this size, making sure to follow the guidelines every step of the way and go through the approval process to make sure that it was on brand for what they normally create.

All parties were very happy with the final outcome and was recieved well on a customer basis and have since worked on some smaller scale projects for Mars in cinemas.

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