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Ogwen Vodka

Personal Brief

Artisan Vodka made in the heart of Wales

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Ogwen is a high-end vodka made in North Wales. With the water from Lake Ogwen, located on Mount Snowdon.

Ogwen is designed to target socially conscious people aged 28-37 with disposable income who want a high-end vodka, akin to Grey Goose and Absolut.

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The Ogwen Valley area is world-renowned for its geological and glacial features, with the natural springs being a great source of crisp and refreshing spring water.
Ogwen Vodka uses organic sorghum grain to create a beautifully smooth and slightly sweet vodka with hints of pepper to give it its unique taste.

This was the first project where I created everything myself from scratch. I taught myself 3D modelling specifically for this brief. This was a brief during my internship at Creative Spark and I wanted to put a bit of myself in the bottle with the focus of the product being Welsh and designed it in a way that hasn’t really been seen for vodka bottles. I took inspiration from the origins of vodka by making the font have a Baltic feel to it.

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