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Dom has studied advertising and brand design for 3 Years. He has a unique and interesting perspective on creativity and likes to push himself to create divergent outcomes.

He has worked with clients to create branding and advertising solutions has a high level of skill with the Adobe Suite as well as other design media and takes a lot of his inspiration from the things he sees around him.

Dom has a passion for the outdoors, enjoying water activities such as swimming, kayaking as well as skateboarding and always challenges himself to learn new skills, he also enjoys a wide range of music from country to punk.

Dom has a vibrant fashion sense acquiring a lot of his clothes from vintage wholesalers and charity shops adding to his unique style.


William Cunningham


William Cunningham lived in Cardiff his whole life. He worked as a painter and decorator around Cardiff and was well-known for it. He was a man who dedicated himself to his work and made sure everything he did was perfection.

Norman Cunningham

Norman Cunningham worked with his dad at the age of 14. Norman spent his life as a painter and decorator, later taking on Artexing. A form of art that has always been fascinating to me.
Norman worked all the days he was given and has always been an inspiration to me. 



Neil Cunningham

Neil Cunningham is my dad. An amazing man that gives me the creativity I have. He started out Artexing with his dad.

However, since the age of 14, he has written short stories, poems and novels, as well as doing small doodles, one of which I still remember being a T-Rex on my magic erasing board.


My family has always had a creative background, as unconventional as it seems. It is something I have grown up with and have come to learn that creativity can be seen everywhere.

I've worked with

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Client Logos-Mars.png
Client Logos-Chicken Cottage.png
Client Logos-MTR.png
Client Logos-Reel Cinema.png
Client Logos-Coca Cola.png
Client Logos-Empire Cinema.png
Client Logos-Scott Cinema.png
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